How important is English in NAATI CCL Exam?

When it comes to NAATI CCL exam, people have this misconception that it is only a test of their native language. We have been providing NAATI CCL training in Punjabi as well as NAATI CCL training in Hindi in Melbourne since the beginning of CCL testing and we have seen from our experience that a lot of students overlook a very crucial element of this exam which is English. The fundamental reason behind that is at the time of booking this exam, students have to select a language for the test which could be Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bangla etc. which leads them to think that they should just be proficient in their native language. Ironically, as a consequence, students spend all their energy in learning their native language including learning the technical vocabulary, reading books in their native language etc. and they take English completely out of the picture.

Let’s take a look at the technical side of this exam, NAATI CCL exam consists of 2 dialogues and each dialogue is made up of around 300 words which are then equally divided between English and LOTE segments. It is evident that English segments hold fifty percent of weightage in the exam which means that both the directions should be performed equally well. Now what happens if a student doesn’t have a good grip on English? Not only that they would face problems while interpreting from LOTE to English but also, they will face difficulty in comprehending the English segments which would mean they will not be able to interpret in LOTE properly.

Furthermore, during the process of assessment of a student’s exam, quality of language in both English and LOTE is also evaluated in which student’s grammar, sentence structure and choice of register is assessed. Generally, if the sentence is not formed properly or there is usage of incorrect verbs or tenses it can lead to misinterpretation of the information; so, when a student would lose marks for grammatical errors, they may end up losing marks for major distortions.

In most cases, students tend to believe that their English is perfectly fine and they do not have to worry about working on improving their English at all. Undoubtedly, there are students who are proficient in English but at the same time there are also students who do face difficulty in it. Hence, it is imperative that students engage in some self-analysis of their skills in both the languages and accept as well as address the issues with English if required before taking this exam.

We provide NAATI CCL coaching in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Nepali and Sinhalese and we always ensure that we provide right feedback to the students, which is why we have the highest number of results in Australia. If you would like to know more or would like a one on one consultation for an assessment, you can get in touch with us.

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