Introduction of NAATI CCL Telugu Test

Many students from Southern part of India had been requesting NAATI to include Telugu language in the CCL testing. After a wait of two long years, their requests have been heard and students can now take the NAATI CCL test in Telugu language.

Candidates will be able to submit their application for NAATI CCL Telugu from 30th of July and the testing will begin from late August.

The format of exam remains the same which will contain two dialogues where students will be required to translate from Telugu to English and English to Telugu. Dialogues would be from areas including Health Services, Social Services, Immigration, Education, Legal, Housing and Lifestyle.

We have been providing best quality training in both Hindi and Punjabi language since the beginning of CCL testing and we have produced highest number of results in both the languages with highest success rate. We have helped many students from Non-Hindi background to clear their test in Hindi in the very first attempt and we are very excited to add another service in our belt where we can now assist those students too who were unable to take the test in Hindi because of lack of understanding and fluency in the language.

We are proud to announce that we will be launching our NAATI CCL Telugu preparation course from 1st of August. The classes currently are held online so students from anywhere around the world can join and clear their test in the very first attempt.  Students will be able to attend live classes and receive live feedback from the trainer and they will also be provided with access to extensive online practice material. Along with the timely mock tests so students get the understanding of the real exam and improve their performance.

As migration rules keep getting tougher, this is a perfect opportunity for students to gain 5 points towards their permanent residency in Australia.

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