Course Material

We have extensive course material prepared as per NAATI guidelines which will help students understand varied scenarios that can be part of the exam. The dialogues that students would practice in the class are comprehensive where students will be challenged with complex sentence structures, different contexts and native accent.

The dialogues will not only assist students in their NAATI CCL exam but also enhance and improve their overall understanding of Australian system. Students will also be able to improve their comprehension, retention and note taking skills which will also help them in their other language tests as well.

Mock Tests

Our mock tests are a simulation of real NAATI CCL exam where students will experience the same level of anxiety and pressure. The whole environment is to make the students familiar with real exam. Students are also provided detailed feedback after the mock test outlining their shortcomings and strengths so that they can clearly understand what they need to work on to crack the exam.

Online Practice Material

Our online practice material is also no less than class practice where students will get access to our resource centre where they can use whole range of material including special vocabulary, dialogues and other resources to improve their skills to pass this exam easily.

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