Naati CCL

What is NAATI CCL?

Students can sit the CCL Test (Credentialed Community Language Test) to obtain 5 extra points towards their permanent residency in Australia. It is an interpretation test where students will listen to an audio and interpret in both directions. For more information about the exam format please watch our video in the resources section.

How to apply?

Things you will need
  • Scanned copy of your passport (pdf format)
  • Your passport size photo (JPG format) Doesn't really have to be exactly passport type photo, any headshot where your face can be seen clearly
  • $800 exam fee

Once you have access to myNAATI, you can then submit an application for Credentialled Community Language Test (CCL) using the same portal.

Click Here To Register

While filling up the application form, ensure that you select option 3 when asked why are you taking the test- to obtain credentialled community language points.

Application process:

  1. Register yourself on myNAATI portal
  2. Submit an application for CCL test
  3. Receive an approval email from NAATI to take CCL exam.
  4. Go into myNAATI portal and book your test
  5. Student can also reschedule test date or change test location via MyNAATI login*

Please note, you can only change date or location 35 days prior to the exam. Please refer to NAATI’s official website for more details on test booking and cancellation policies.

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