NAATI CCL Test: Is it really a test of your native language?

We have seen from our experience that people seem to think that NAATI CCL Test is a test of their own language. Many people say that if your Hindi/Punjabi (LOTE) is good then it’s very easy to clear the test. This is one of the myths about this test as not many people seem to know how this test works and how it is marked.

Let’s first understand the test itself and its components. In the exam you will be asked to interpret two dialogues from different areas like Education, Health Services, Lifestyle etc. and each dialogue is divided into small parts which is referred to as a segment. Each dialogue contains anywhere between 290-310 words which are then equally divided between English and LOTE. Hence, it is apparent that both the languages would have equal weightage.

Most students tend to dedicate 100% of their time and efforts on polishing their language other than English i.e. Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali etc. Whereas, the demand of the test is to deliver the message properly in both the languages. So, why do we miss that important link? Why do we completely ignore the English element?

Unfortunately, not many people would tell you that you need to focus on English as well. Everyone would say that practice the vocabulary of your own language and you will be fine. But we have seen from our experience that students who do not have a good command over English, struggle the most in this exam. Firstly, they face difficulty in comprehending the English segments i.e. they are not able to understand what the English speaker has said. Along with that, we’ve seen students making lots of grammatical errors including use of incorrect form of verb, direct or indirect speech, improper use of helping verbs etc. while they interpret from LOTE to English. They also lack in forming proper sentences.

If we look at these errors not only that students would lose marks in English segments, they would also lose marks because they won’t be able to deliver the message in LOTE properly either due to lack of comprehension. Hence, it is important to analyse if you are lacking in English. Because if you are, then that would the first thing which should be improved before moving onto LOTE.

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